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Shifting through the ashes in scratching through my life And how sick is it to live with the promises No rhyme or reason expect another fight And my decsions. Sleeping Satellites I blame you for the moonlit sky and the dream that died with the eagles' flight I blame you for the moonlit nights when I wonder. Текст песни cat power - i don't blame you перевод и видеоклип одного из самых популярных исполнителей в мире. Текст песни. The things you say, to feed the lie you started to break the broken hearted The things you say, to overlook your conscience. 02/08/2017 · Перевод песни Calvin Harris - Blame на русский язык Песня Blame на русском Blame перевод на русский - Осуждение. Перевод текста песни 'I Blame On You' исполнителя Taeyeon (김태연) с Корейский на Русский. Для вашего ознакомления предоставлен текст песни Evans Blue - I Blame You, а еще перевод песни с видео или клипом. Другие названия этого текста. Sati Akura & Jackie-O - I Don't Blame You (Everlasting Summer OST) Between August and December & Sati Akura & Jackie-O Бесконечное Лето OST - I Don't Blame You (Everlasting Summer. Текст песни. It’s too late for me to sleep I can’t stop thinking b Because of you I’ve smoked all my cigarettes Looking at the stars in the middle of this dark street. Текст песни «THE JACKSONS — Blame It On The Boogie» My baby`s always dancing And it wouldn`t be a bad thing But I don`t get no loving And that`s no lie. We spent the night in Frisco At every kind of disco From that night I kissed Our love goodbye. (CHORUS) Don`t blame it on the sunshine Don`t blame it on the moonlight Don`t blame it on good times Blame it on the boogie. Don`t.